If you’re in the market for a wedding DJ, you’re in the right place. We at M.R.K.Entertainment advise clients to talk to a few DJ’s and find that DJ who will be perfect for their wedding. There are many DJ’s and it seems impossible to find the right one. Some DJ’s show up with an iPod, while others bring complete club systems; which is for you?

A professional DJ will have recorded mixes of their performance or performances. We record our performances to learn. We require all of our DJ’s to record mixes and review them with us to see how they can improve with every performance. We find recorded mixes are the best learning tools. If a DJ is not recording mixes, ask yourself, “What are they hiding?” We at M.R.K.Entertainment will have a DJ sit with you and we’ll bring a mix of 3-4 of your favorite songs to show you want we can do. We’ll even offer past mixes. In 2017, we’ll be posting Wedding DJ mixes online.

A good Wedding DJ will sit down with you and ask you about your musical preferences, system needs and challenges of the space. Professionals will calculate all the cost and prepare for unexpected circumstances; you don’t want to appear on your day. Professionals know the variables and expectations of clients. When we hear “… the DJ ruined our friends wedding.” We’ll ask for more information and often we find that the couple did not research and  plan accordingly. In many cases, we find that couples spend more time choosing a cake than the entertainment! By sitting down with your DJ, you’ll learn quickly if they know what they are talking about or if they are trying to “wing it?”


Colin Cowie gives advise on how to choose the right Wedding DJ for your event.

We love Colin’s idea of mixing a live musician with your DJ. Our Wedding DJ’s at M.R.K.Entertainment have dozens of connections with local musicians like the Jason St. Pierre Trio. We’ll work with your musicians and allow you to get the best of both worlds. We’ll also provide all the needed sound and lighting to make this event look amazing. Musicians love working with us.

Call us today and see if we have a Wedding DJ available for your event.