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If you’re in the market for a wedding DJ, you’re in the right place. We at M.R.K.Entertainment advise clients to talk to a few DJ’s and find that DJ who will be perfect for their wedding. There are many DJ’s and it seems impossible to find the right one. Some DJ’s show up with an iPod, while others bring complete club systems; which is for you?

A professional DJ will have recorded mixes of their performance or performances. We record our performances to learn. We require all of our DJ’s to record mixes and review them with us to see how they can improve with every performance. We find recorded mixes are the best learning tools. If a DJ is not recording mixes, ask yourself, “What are they hiding?” We at M.R.K.Entertainment will have a DJ sit with you and we’ll bring a mix of 3-4 of your favorite songs to show you want we can do. We’ll even offer past mixes. In 2017, we’ll be posting Wedding DJ mixes online.

A good Wedding DJ will sit down with you and ask you about your musical preferences, system needs and challenges of the space. Professionals will calculate all the cost and prepare for unexpected circumstances; you don’t want to appear on your day. Professionals know the variables and expectations of clients. When we hear “… the DJ ruined our friends wedding.” We’ll ask for more information and often we find that the couple did not research and  plan accordingly. In many cases, we find that couples spend more time choosing a cake than the entertainment! By sitting down with your DJ, you’ll learn quickly if they know what they are talking about or if they are trying to “wing it?”


Colin Cowie gives advise on how to choose the right Wedding DJ for your event.

We love Colin’s idea of mixing a live musician with your DJ. Our Wedding DJ’s at M.R.K.Entertainment have dozens of connections with local musicians like the Jason St. Pierre Trio. We’ll work with your musicians and allow you to get the best of both worlds. We’ll also provide all the needed sound and lighting to make this event look amazing. Musicians love working with us.

Call us today and see if we have a Wedding DJ available for your event.

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Epic Exit Photos We Love | WedPics – The #1 Wedding App http://mrke.biz/epic-exit-photos-love-wedpics-1-wedding-app/ Tue, 02 Aug 2016 06:33:03 +0000 http://vps2.mrke.biz/?p=3864 The post Epic Exit Photos We Love | WedPics – The #1 Wedding App appeared first on Portland Maine Wedding DJ.


Whether you’re leaving the chapel or headed on you’re way to your honeymoon, exit photos are some of our favorite photos that capture the utter joy and excitement on the bride and grooms faces. We’ve rounded up for you some of the most epic exit photos we’ve seen, confetti, bubbles and lots of sparkle! Enjoy! . . .…

Source: Epic Exit Photos We Love | WedPics – The #1 Wedding App

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Ocean Front Wedding at the Ocean Gateway

The Ocean Gateway, also known as the “Marine Terminal,” is a large space with cover for an ocean side wedding. The Keeler-Lorenz wedding party choose this location for the wedding on August 15th of 2015. The Keeler’s were a fun couple that wanted a perfect wedding where their guest were comfortable and entertained. The Ocean Gateway is a perfect location for both outdoor ceremonies and views.


We’ve performed on multiple occasions at the Ocean Gateway in Portland, ME. This wedding did present some challenges and need for last minute thinking. In order to have a ceremony on the lawn, you need to run power for sound and microphones some 250 feet from the terminal. This is a challenge that can be solved with some long and heavy-duty extension cords. During the ceremony on the lawn at the entrance it began to rain. We had to move everything under cover. Luckily, the Gateway provides an awning that is enough to fit just over 100 guest out of the rain. The pathway to the main room is covered and makes a great exit; see the sparkler exit photos.


After the rain stopped, we learned this would delay dinner because the rain effected the coals. One of the groomsmen had prepared to play a long and opted to perform for us. See the photo below. With last-minute thinking, we added some accent lighting to make him stand out. See the photo below.


After dinner was back on track, the rest of the event went great. This party ended on a high note with guest not wanting to leave the dance floor. We finished with a sparkler exit that will give the Keeler’s amazing photos to remember. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Keeler and the staff at the Ocean Gateway. The Keelers chose a modified Silver Package for their event with a ceremony sound system and wireless microphones.

Lastly, we had a great time with the Keelers. Most importantly, the staff at the Ocean Gateway were great. They worked with us to help us make this event run smoothly. They’re experienced, knowledgable and helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to have a wedding at the Ocean Gateway in Portland, Maine.

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[peg-gallery album=”http://picasaweb.google.com/data/feed/api/user/105673899217904491027/albumid/6299117527445726065?alt=rss&kind=photo” tags=”Featured” ]

Fortin Wedding at the Jordan Hotel July 16th 2016

The Fortin Wedding took place on Saturday, July 16th of 2016 at the Jordan Hotel at Sunday River Maine. Tony and Alyssa wanted a simple wedding with close family and friends. They also wanted a laid back but fun Wedding DJ. The Jordan Hotel was a great spot with scenic views and great spaces. With the warm 85 degrees and cool breeze, the weather and scenery made this wedding picturesque. We were selected as the the wedding DJ of choice. Thank You Mr. & Mrs. Fortin for letting us be a part of your special day.

This mountain wedding was romantic and elegant. The spiral walkway makes for an excellent grand entrance for Maine Wedding. There is a cement platform with a birch tree log arbor that conveniently hides the cement. I believe this platform is for a snow gun in the Winter. The sence is amazing and gives grandeur to your event. There is electricity at the platform which is great for sound and microphones; something often missing at many ceremony locations and something your wedding DJ will appreciate. The trees are cut giving a cathedral like hall of trees that make your moment intimate. That with the spiraling walkway exit, you have a picturesque moment.


Sliders is the restaurant attached to the Jordan Hotel. It has an octagon shape with a balcony, but it works for weddings. Photographers will want to shoot the mountains as a backdrop, but they might have problems with the giant glass windows that give a great view of the hills; windows produce flashback with cameras. Aside from that, this room is great for about 100-125 guest. Your wedding DJ could be placed in the balcony out of the way. Sliders also has a great wrap around deck and is attached to the hotel and you can walk the hall to your room. Your wedding DJ will apprecaiate more electical outlets on the deck for speakers. You get the outdoor and indoor accessibility.

Ceremony location at Sunday River's Jordan Hotel in Bethel, Maine

Ceremony location at Sunday River’s Jordan Hotel in Bethel, Maine

The Jordan Hotel and Sliders staff are friendly, helpful and quick to solve problems. They are aware of the time and quick with food. Table service is always cheaper than buffets and it’s more elegant. The food is great. The bar is full service and conveniently located in the middle under the balcony. This is great for all guest to access the bar.

We loved working with the Sliders and Jordan Hotel staff and especially the Fortin’s who had an amazing wedding reception in the mountains of Bethel, Maine.

DJ Michael & Team.

The Wedding DJ Specialist.

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Wedding DJ Poor Layout Design

The venue layout can have a great effect on your sequence of events. Even the best DJ’s will struggle to get and keep people dancing when the position of tables, chairs, bar and food block guest access to the dance floor. Guest will need easy access if you want them to get out of their seats and move.

Here are a few things to note about the above layout:

  • Tables and chairs appear cluttered.
  • The sight lines of guest and photographers are not optimal.
  • The DJ is not near the dance floor.
  • The sound will be increadably loud of people seated near the DJ.
Maine DJ Optimal Venue Layour Image

This layout is optimal for a lively dance floor. The guest are arranged in a semicircle around the floor ensuring the furthest tables are just two tables away. The DJ can focus the sound and subwoofers on the dance floor. The head table now looks like the focus of the room.

Here are few key points to be aware of with this layout:

  • The dance floor is central.
  • The head table has guest around, which makes great photos.
  • The bar and DJ will not appear in most of your photos.
  • The DJ can focus sound on the dance floor.
  • The DJ has great sight of guest and the head table to be aware of times to change.

Check Our Availability Now!

Check Availability

We have limited dates available for custom events. If you’d like help planning, ontact us today.

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Planning your reception has a lot more to do than choosing a reception DJ only. There has to be a sequence of events in an organized fashion. You may have a lot in mind that you need to organize as a bride as far as your wedding reception is concerned. If you are looking for a guide on your wedding reception that walks you through greeting the guests all the way to your getaway, then you have landed on the right page. The below mentioned information is going to help a great deal in this regard.

Receiving The Guests:-

It is of prime importance to mention here that the way you would like to receive your guests depends on the number on hand. If there are around 200 guests, you may want to receive them along with your parents at the entrance as part of a more formal greeting. However, if guests are fairly more than 200, it is going to take up a lot of your time to greet them in this fashion and hence, it would be a better and more convenient option for the couple to move from table to table and greet the guests.

Couple’s Introduction:-

There is no argument over the fact that since the couple happens to be the VIP of the ceremony, they would want an introduction and applause for themselves. For this purpose, you could take help from your reception DJ who can announce the entry of the couple along with a soft music that goes with it. Other options may include having your entire reception party being announced. An announcement just for the couple however, seems more appropriate. It is to be kept in mind that you could also take help from the best man for announcing the entrance of the couple.

Cake Ceremony:-

Once the toasts are done, you may want to continue the ceremony with cutting cake. No doubt that such a formal event requires clicking of multiple pictures for your wedding album. Make sure that you have informed the photographer beforehand regarding the sequence of events on your reception party to make sure that he is there with you during the cake cutting ceremony. Let the reception DJ know about the sequence in order to make sure that he continues to play a music that is suitable for the formal event currently undergoing.

Dancing Cards:-

It would be a commendable option to continue with the first dance right after the cake cutting ceremony. You do have multiple different options at your disposal as far as dancing is concerned. The bride may want to complete the first dance with her groom on their favorite song or she perform half of it with her groom and half with her father. Alternatively, the entire first song can be danced with her groom and the second one with her father. Once the first couple of dances are done, your reception DJ should let loose a little in order to bring everyone on the floor.

Throwing The Bouquet:-

As part of the tradition, throwing the bouquet and garter must be a part of your reception party. Make sure that you have informed all the single ladies about the sequence of events on your reception party in order to make sure that all of them will join you on the dance floor for the ceremony. As far as taking off the garter is concerned, you may want to request the groom to take it off with his teeth in order to make the ceremony entertaining for your audience but only if your groom is comfortable with it.

Finally The Getaway:-

Last but not the least, once the party is over, you may want to have a grand getaway. As always, your reception DJ is supposed to play a suitable music at the event. Make sure that you greet the parents as well as your parents-in-law appropriately before leaving. Requests the guests to throw petals on you as you walk through the aisle and make your grand getaway. As per the legend, not only are the petals for good luck, but they are also known to promote fertility among the couple.

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Free Wedding Planning Tools

We know planning a wedding is difficult. There are so many options and decisions to be made. You want to be sure the decisions you’re making are right for you.

We’ve compiled a list of free advice sites and tools to help you plan your special day. We carefully select each tool and resource to ensure it works and gives excellent advice. Most of the tools listed here were also used at DJ Michael’s own wedding!

WeddingWire's Couple's Choice Award of 2015

Wedding Wire offers some excellent planning tools. They provide budget spreadsheets, table seating and more. The site will give you a free website that is easy to build. Use the WeddingWire iPhone or Android application to do your planning on the go!

Wedding Papa Diva’s is know for invitations. They also have a great music selection page. Check it out.

DJ Mix

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Best Maine Wedding DJ of 2016! http://mrke.biz/best-maine-wedding-dj/ Sun, 27 Dec 2015 19:10:44 +0000 http://vps2.mrke.biz/?p=3800 The post Best Maine Wedding DJ of 2016! appeared first on Portland Maine Wedding DJ.


Best Maine Wedding DJ!

M.R.K.Entertainment is voted The Best Maine Wedding DJ of 2016, by The Knot Magazine. We aimed to transform the wedding industry and by our accomplishments, we are accomplishing our goal. We have made a committment to all of our clients to provide exceptional service at a great price. Our clients have agreed!


Thank you to all those who reviewed and voted for us in 2015. It was a great season, filled with many memorable events. The careful planning and hard work from all the vendors, we’ve had our best year to date. From the barns to the ocean, all of our Maine Weddings were romantic with a great party ending 

Winning The Best of Weddings happens when our clients work with us to create their memorable day. The award is based upon our client reviews and services. We recieved outstanding reviews from all of our past clients.

Maine offers some of the most breath taking wedding reception locations. We at M.R.K.Entertainment work with our clients to help you create a memorable and romantic day, free of stress. We take our time and plan with you to make those moments happen the way you envision. If you want the Best Maine Wedding DJ, contact us today and get your free quote.

We are not completely booked for the 2017 Season. If you’re looking for a DJ or your seeking support in planning your event, please feel free to contact us anytime; we love to help. We do expect to be completely booked by February of 2016, so call now and setup your free consultation with DJ Michael of our other DJs. We love weddings!

Thank You again to all of our current and past clients for making us The Best Maine Wedding DJ of 2016!

DJ Michael & Team

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iPod Wedding How To

So you’re considering an iPod Wedding?

The inside on iPod weddings and the diy family dj.

Why not just use an iPod to play those tracks for your special day. The the addition of the iPhone, everyone has access to thousands of tracks on a device that is very dependable. Some DJ’s might tell you they never use them, but the reality is, there are times where they work and many occasions where they don’t. So you’re thinking about renting the equipment you need and using an iPod or iPhone? Maybe you have a friend or relative who appears excited about helping you out and offered to make those musical changes for you. There are many sites that give you excellent instructions on how to engage in this option. Before your run to the rental store, here are a few things to consider.
We’ll acknowledge our bias up front. We are wedding DJ’s and we love what we do. Of course we want you to book with us and support our business. Are iPhones or iPods a threat? No, not at all. We fully understand the intricacies of event planning and timing. We are not threatened by amateurs or kids with laptops.
Just last night, I went to a lake front wedding for a wonderful couple from Massachusetts. This couple clearly had a limited budget, but wanted a beautiful wedding. They made the decision to use a professional DJ because timing and announcements were very important to them. When I arrived, the venue coordinator came to me and wanted to talk. She said, “I want to talk to you about making announcements.” Apparently, the week prior a young DJ was announcing, “Everyone please go to the tent to eat.” This was an amateur DJ, not a family friend or iPod.
Making announcements appears easy when done by a professional or experienced EmCee. It’s just words. In most cases words are everything to a moment. You carefully select words for your vows, or speech. To keep the intimacy of your day, those thoughtful words should carry throughout the evening. Hiring an experienced DJ to help with announcements and introductions, makes your event transition in a more natural way. Think about the last time you heard announcements by someone who was nervous. Ask yourself, will my family friend feel at ease to make clear and eloquent announcements?

My friend has a lot of music, we don’t need to buy any.

If you’re family friend “has a lot of music” and little or no experience playing music for a live dancing crowd, you should be concerned. With over 100 events under my belt, I still get a little nervous about what song to play next. The experience of performing live, comes with practice and experience. Understanding what songs work best in given situations is an art, not a process. The stress that comes from performing will make even the best artist sick to their stomach.
To date, I’ve performed at five different events where I was booked within 72 hours of the beginning of the event. Not because the couple did not plan for music, but because they entrusted a close friend or relative to handing the music portion. In each case, the reasoning for the fiend or family backing out was slightly different, but all appear to be nerves. As the event progressed, they realized that what appears easy by a professional, is actually difficult to do as an amateur. There is a reason why we entrust the title of professional to so very few. It’s because they make something that is difficult, look easy and effortless.

The reality is, if you have a 6 hour event, you’ll only hear 100 songs.

Yes, you’ll hear about 100 songs at your day. With an average of twenty per hour and minus speeches and vows, you’ll hear roughly 100 songs. The careful selection of these tracks makes a huge difference in your day. We always let our clients choose music for various moments, but the careful selection of music to transition between moments is not as simple as picking a couple hits or worse, your favorite songs. In our experience, couples music selections seldom get guest dancing. In fact, they have the opposite effect. Your DJ will help you to find music that you appreciate and they know from experience they will work.

Can an iPod wedding work?

In few cases, yes. Especially if you’re looking for a wedding barbecue without dancing. I’ve personally attended a lot of parties over the last twenty years. I can’t remember the last time I went to a party that had an iPod and people dancing. iPods don’t create energy, they just play music. This might work with a few close friends, but not a venue filled with various generations of family and friends. Not all guest have the same musical taste. If you iPod is not programmed precisely, you’re in for disaster. Do you remember a time when the music stopped or abruptly changed? I’m sure the dance floor stopped and everyone turned to the DJ to see what’s wrong. In most cases, it cleared the dance floor. When you use an iPod, you need to expect this to happen. It’s my experience, if this happens more than twice, then you’re dancing portion of your event will die. People do not like to dance and stop, then start again.
For most couples, the idea of DJ’ing your own wedding is almost impossible. On your wedding day, you’ll find that you’re saddled with countless demands. From preparations, photos, being a host and enjoying your day, you will not have time to run and change the music. If the musical programming is not on cue, you’re guest will feel awkward and confused. Obviously, you can’t expect guest to dance when you don’t have dancing music playing. Your job is to enjoy your day. You’re spending thousands of dollars on your day, you deserve to enjoy it.

The major reasons for hiring a professional wedding DJ and MC for your once-in-a-lifetime event:

1. Planning and Organization

The fist major reason is to help you organize your event. You’ll want to be sure that your DJ will make announcements in a style that matches your event. Keeping you and your guest organized and making articulate announcements is a job for an experienced DJ. This is one of major unforeseen needs of couples. This is also a major difference between a cheap DJ and a professional experienced DJ.
The biggest complaint by couples and vendors is that some DJ’s talk too much. Clearly communicate this to your DJ to ensure they stick with crowd motivation for open dancing and not disturbing the show. Our philosophy includes embellishing the event, not stealing the show. In most cases, you’re asking your DJ to act as a coordinator, MC and DJ. This person will make your introductions. They’ll help your guest transition between moments and will coordinate with vendors.

2. Read Your Guest

We often hear from couples, “We don’t want that cheesy wedding music.” First you should communicate what you consider cheesy; opinions vary greatly between couples. This does’t mean you need to take the music programming into your own hands. Discuss this with your DJ and make sure they will stay away from tracks you don’t like.
Most DJ’s will give you a Must Play and a Do Not Play list. This is an opportunity to create a playlist that reflects your style and preferences. The professional DJ’s will honor these list. Amateurs and moonlighting DJ’s will often not care. Real professionals strive to perfect events to your liking. They will respect your musical preferences will be carried into the crowd reading. Often, the mood on a dance floor changes and moments need to be moved up or pushed back. Changing from fast to slow music doesn’t need to happen with odd pauses of silence while you change the playlist. The experience of a professional DJ will know the exact time to change a song to create a special moment.

3.  The Back-Up Plan

IF you’re thinking about an iPod or family friend with a computer, you’ll need to consider a back-up plan in the case of failure. Rental equipment like speakers and mixers do not come with a backup plan nor troubleshooting or setup help. Most equipment companies are closed on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re event is in the evening or on a weekend and the equipment is not working, you’ll be without music. The DJ will not only have backup gear, they also understand how to solve problems that might arise like electrical hum, microphone feedback or non-responsive equipment.
Most clients significantly under-estimate the sound needs. Two 1000 watt speakers sounds like a lot of sound power. Depending the venue size and the number of guest, this might be significantly inadequate. At M.R.K.Entertainment, we have a policy that “we will not take events without proper equipment and services.” A professional DJ should know exactly how much equipment you need and the correct placement for even distribution of sound. The DJ will even know when speakers could be simply moved or turned to change the volumes in a given area.

In conclusion

It might seem natural to ask a family member or friend to help you with a DIY iPod event. That offer or request could cost you thousands or worse, ruin your once in a lifetime event. The cost of the rental equipment will cost you hundreds of dollars. For a few hundred more, you could get a DJ. By hiring a professional DJ, you’ll have insurance that the music will play. They’ll develop list based on your personalities and honor your playlist request. This list will become the guiding selections for you day. This DJ will help you in keeping a nice balance of ceremony, food, photos, dancing and moments to remember; allowing you to enjoy the wedding day you’re dreaming about. Do you really want to trust an iPod with all of this responsibility?

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Wedding Monograms Add Personality and Flair to Your Wedding http://mrke.biz/wedding-monograms-add-personality/ Wed, 12 Aug 2015 01:31:14 +0000 http://vps2.mrke.biz/?p=3673 The post Wedding Monograms Add Personality and Flair to Your Wedding appeared first on Portland Maine Wedding DJ.


Wedding Monograms & Gobos

Put Your Name in Lights!

A Wedding Monogram is one way you can project your personality; literally. A monogram is a steel, glass or plastic cut to block light and allow script or custom images to pass through. The result is a your name in lights. Wedding Monograms are very popular with initial and names. We encourage you to consider choosing the right monogram for your day and venue. Consider adding a design to your Wedding Monogram to blend with the venue decor. If it looks like it belongs, it has a more drastic effect.


Monograms are included in the Gold & Diamond Wedding Packages.

Wedding Monogram with Movement & Rotation

Moving Wedding Monograms add that extra flair of rotation and movement around the room. This option gives you black & white up to color 3D gobos. This is a great option for companies that want thier image moving about the room. This option does not allow for zooming or changing image size.

Wedding Monogram with Animation and Effects

Animated Wedding Monograms give you the option fo change your monogram at intervals and adding icons and flash. This option does not allow for movement like a moving monogram. It does allow for color changes and added animation effects.

Creating a Wedding Monogram

Creating a simple Wedding Monogram is simple using an online editor like Roscos Wedding Gobo Designer. This designer will allow you to create a projected monogram or a moving monogram. This application will not work for animated monograms. If you need assistance with creating a Wedding Monogram or an Animated Wedding Monogram, contact us and we’ll help you create the image you’re looking for on your wedding day.

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