Wedding DJ at The Landing

Wedding DJ’s are plentiful. Good Wedding DJ’s are hard to find. Sometimes you’ll have family members offering to help. We are called into service on many occasions because a family member get too nervous or just realizes, DJing is harder than it looks. In fact, professional wedding dj’s make it look easy; that’s why they’re professionals. This was the case of the Crest Family. The family is great and the venue was amazing. They need a good wedding DJ to help them pull everything together.

The Crest Family called me just 3 days before their wedding. Another case of a family member who was going to save them some money, backs out at the last-minute. This was not the place for any young couple to be just 72 hours before their wedding day. They needed a wedding DJ fast. We quickly scheduled a meeting and worked out the details that afternoon. After driving to meet the Crest face-to-face, I had the details and a plan. The next few hours were spend building playlist and organizing music for this special day.

If the stress wasn’t enough, it rained on that Saturday. The plans to be outside changed quickly to inside. I rearranged some furniture and grabbed a wireless microphone to have the couple marry on the balcony overlooking their guest. The sound was great and decor was perfect. Luckily, The Landing is a beautiful venue. It’s a great feeling to help out when you can.

Feeling bad for the trouble the couple experienced, I decided to add in a few lights to make the day. I uplit the head table and added a couple of moving head fixtures to make the event shine. This was a great choice, because the venue had limited lighting. The couple was more than surprised and pleased with the end results. The venue and lighting made the wonderful couple stand out. The lights were in perfect time with the music and M.R.K.Entertainment’s wedding DJ Michael spun this couples and the guest musical request all night long.

Thank You Crest Family for calling me in and letting me be a part of your wedding day.
DJ Michael & Team