Planning a wedding day!

Planning a wedding day is a scary and overwhelming process. Planning a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The number of decisions made in a short planning period are exasperating. From clothing to makeup, venues to food and ceremony options to dancing, you’ll have many choices. We at M.R.K.Enterainment help you to understand the planning process and where you should focus your attention and dollars. Don’t be distracted by frill and glamour until you’ve taken care of the logistics.


Budgets can greatly impact your planning a wedding day. But skimpping on vendors could be desastorous. Evnt DJ’s and particularly Maine DJ’s. Professoinal vendors will ensure your event happens they way you want. M.R.K.Entertainment offers nothing less then excellence with planning a wedding. The DJ’s and team will capture your vision and develop an event to your liking. We event have backup systems and backup DJ’s on call.

Wedding Reception

Venues are your first choice. If you can’t afford a beautiful view, you can always decorate. Lighting can make a plain venue into a magical room. Lighting an in expensive option when compared with venue cost that include a stunning view.

Plan for what kind of event you want. If you’re looking for a wild party later in the evening, careful selection of your DJ is critical.