Planning your reception has a lot more to do than choosing a reception DJ only. There has to be a sequence of events in an organized fashion. You may have a lot in mind that you need to organize as a bride as far as your wedding reception is concerned. If you are looking for a guide on your wedding reception that walks you through greeting the guests all the way to your getaway, then you have landed on the right page. The below mentioned information is going to help a great deal in this regard.

Receiving The Guests:-

It is of prime importance to mention here that the way you would like to receive your guests depends on the number on hand. If there are around 200 guests, you may want to receive them along with your parents at the entrance as part of a more formal greeting. However, if guests are fairly more than 200, it is going to take up a lot of your time to greet them in this fashion and hence, it would be a better and more convenient option for the couple to move from table to table and greet the guests.

Couple’s Introduction:-

There is no argument over the fact that since the couple happens to be the VIP of the ceremony, they would want an introduction and applause for themselves. For this purpose, you could take help from your reception DJ who can announce the entry of the couple along with a soft music that goes with it. Other options may include having your entire reception party being announced. An announcement just for the couple however, seems more appropriate. It is to be kept in mind that you could also take help from the best man for announcing the entrance of the couple.

Cake Ceremony:-

Once the toasts are done, you may want to continue the ceremony with cutting cake. No doubt that such a formal event requires clicking of multiple pictures for your wedding album. Make sure that you have informed the photographer beforehand regarding the sequence of events on your reception party to make sure that he is there with you during the cake cutting ceremony. Let the reception DJ know about the sequence in order to make sure that he continues to play a music that is suitable for the formal event currently undergoing.

Dancing Cards:-

It would be a commendable option to continue with the first dance right after the cake cutting ceremony. You do have multiple different options at your disposal as far as dancing is concerned. The bride may want to complete the first dance with her groom on their favorite song or she perform half of it with her groom and half with her father. Alternatively, the entire first song can be danced with her groom and the second one with her father. Once the first couple of dances are done, your reception DJ should let loose a little in order to bring everyone on the floor.

Throwing The Bouquet:-

As part of the tradition, throwing the bouquet and garter must be a part of your reception party. Make sure that you have informed all the single ladies about the sequence of events on your reception party in order to make sure that all of them will join you on the dance floor for the ceremony. As far as taking off the garter is concerned, you may want to request the groom to take it off with his teeth in order to make the ceremony entertaining for your audience but only if your groom is comfortable with it.

Finally The Getaway:-

Last but not the least, once the party is over, you may want to have a grand getaway. As always, your reception DJ is supposed to play a suitable music at the event. Make sure that you greet the parents as well as your parents-in-law appropriately before leaving. Requests the guests to throw petals on you as you walk through the aisle and make your grand getaway. As per the legend, not only are the petals for good luck, but they are also known to promote fertility among the couple.