Wedding DJ Poor Layout Design

The venue layout can have a great effect on your sequence of events. Even the best DJ’s will struggle to get and keep people dancing when the position of tables, chairs, bar and food block guest access to the dance floor. Guest will need easy access if you want them to get out of their seats and move.

Here are a few things to note about the above layout:

  • Tables and chairs appear cluttered.
  • The sight lines of guest and photographers are not optimal.
  • The DJ is not near the dance floor.
  • The sound will be increadably loud of people seated near the DJ.
Maine DJ Optimal Venue Layour Image

This layout is optimal for a lively dance floor. The guest are arranged in a semicircle around the floor ensuring the furthest tables are just two tables away. The DJ can focus the sound and subwoofers on the dance floor. The head table now looks like the focus of the room.

Here are few key points to be aware of with this layout:

  • The dance floor is central.
  • The head table has guest around, which makes great photos.
  • The bar and DJ will not appear in most of your photos.
  • The DJ can focus sound on the dance floor.
  • The DJ has great sight of guest and the head table to be aware of times to change.

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