Wedding Monograms & Gobos

Put Your Name in Lights!

A Wedding Monogram is one way you can project your personality; literally. A monogram is a steel, glass or plastic cut to block light and allow script or custom images to pass through. The result is a your name in lights. Wedding Monograms are very popular with initial and names. We encourage you to consider choosing the right monogram for your day and venue. Consider adding a design to your Wedding Monogram to blend with the venue decor. If it looks like it belongs, it has a more drastic effect.


Monograms are included in the Gold & Diamond Wedding Packages.

Wedding Monogram with Movement & Rotation

Moving Wedding Monograms add that extra flair of rotation and movement around the room. This option gives you black & white up to color 3D gobos. This is a great option for companies that want thier image moving about the room. This option does not allow for zooming or changing image size.

Wedding Monogram with Animation and Effects

Animated Wedding Monograms give you the option fo change your monogram at intervals and adding icons and flash. This option does not allow for movement like a moving monogram. It does allow for color changes and added animation effects.

Creating a Wedding Monogram

Creating a simple Wedding Monogram is simple using an online editor like Roscos Wedding Gobo Designer. This designer will allow you to create a projected monogram or a moving monogram. This application will not work for animated monograms. If you need assistance with creating a Wedding Monogram or an Animated Wedding Monogram, contact us and we’ll help you create the image you’re looking for on your wedding day.